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News articles submitted by members of our Editorial Board.
*Note: these articles were not written by our Editorial Board, just submitted as "good to read" news bytes
ICS Security Clippings

Security Pros Reassigned to IT Tasks in Coronavirus Pandemic

Nearly half (47%) of security practitioners surveyed say they've been temporarily removed from cybersecurity responsibilities to assist with IT-related tasks as businesses shift to remote work

Hackers targeted ICS/SCADA systems at water facilities in Israel


Israel’s National Cyber Directorate announced reports of cyber attacks aimed at supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems at wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and sewage facilities.

IoT security, neglected infrastructure, and a crisis of trust deemed major threats for 2022


The Information Security Forum’s annual Threat Horizon report is a good analysis of many cyber security trends and threat factors.

ABB offers free digital services for 2020


To support healthcare facilities, utilities, and industrial and commercial buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic, ABB Electrification reported March 27 that from now until the end of 2020, it's waiving its fees for one year for all new subscriptions to its iUPSGuard remote monitoring and diagnostics software for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in hospitals and for all new or renewed subscriptions to its ABB Ability software-as-a-service (SaaS).

North American utilities drill 'GridEx' brings record turnout


Press briefing covers GridEx, a drill involving electric utilities across North America mimicking the disruptive malware used to cut power in Ukraine in 2016 and testing operators’ ability to expunge the malicious code from their systems.

Honeywell Moves Conference Online

As many companies are now doing, the Honeywell Users Group Americas is refitting its 2020 event as a virtual event.

Accenture acquires Revolutionary Security

Only a few months after purchasing Symantec’s Cyber Security Services business from Broadcom, Accenture completes the acquisition of Revolutionary Security.

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Fluidmesh Networks

Extending its industrial wireless leadership to on-the-move applications and where reliable backhaul is mission critical

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