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Host, Dave Whitehead delves into the future of electric power in his Podcast: Schweitzer Drive

Submitted by: Daryl Haegley Director, Mission Assurance & Cyber Deterrence at the DOD and (CS)²AI Fellow

Episode 14: Safeguarding Civilization: A Few Thoughts on Cybersecurity with Robert Lee.

In our increasingly technology dependent world, cybersecurity threats have become an unfortunate feature of our daily lives. So many of us have been victims of identity theft or data breeches. But what happens when the target is an industrial control system like those that control large campuses, industrial operations, or the power grid? In this episode, Dave Whitehead talks about industrial control system cybersecurity with Robert M. Lee, the CEO of Dragos and a leading expert in the fields of industrial security incident response and threat intelligence.

You might also be interested in Episode 5 - Supply Chain Management: Getting Parts to Make Parts, and Episode 4 - The Need for Speed and the Future of Power System Protection.

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