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EU Cyber Resilience Act



As of: 






Applicable to: 

All sectors, particularly those involving OT, ICS, connected devices, and digital products and elements.


The EU Cyber Resilience Act aims to improve the cybersecurity of digital products and connected devices available within the EU market. It sets specific obligations for manufacturers, importers, and distributors to ensure these products comply with essential cybersecurity requirements. The regulation covers aspects such as secure design, development, production, and the obligation to provide security updates throughout the product lifecycle. This is particularly relevant for OT and ICS environments, where cybersecurity vulnerabilities can have significant impacts on operational safety and reliability. Furthermore, this is an important regulation which will make CE marking for Cyber in EU mandatory within two years of its launch. The EU Cyber Resilience Act outlines requirements and obligations for critical entities and digital service providers to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities and ensure timely and effective incident response and recovery measures.

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