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(CS)²AI Online Library

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We at (CS)²AI are all about helping people in and wanting to enter the in-demand field of control system cybersecurity develop their knowledge, skills and professional networks. With the support of our Strategic Alliance Partners and our members, we work to offer as many benefits as we can to this group.

Key to many of our members, of course, are our meetup events, but not everyone lives in an area with an established chapter, one with a group of dedicated leaders organizing and running these gatherings. So we established (CS)²AI Online Seminars, a series of live online discussions led by control system security practitioners and thought leaders.

Being online, these are available to our members all around the world. We keep our emphasis on the discussion that underlies everything (CS)²AI does, with brief introductions to the topic at hand and half or more of available time dedicated to our attendees’ questions and viewpoints. Participants have given us rave reviews, some stating this has been the first time they have ever had a chance to ask their question to a real subject matter expert. 

While live is obviously best, we also record all of these so that even when someone can’t make it to a session they can at least watch it later. Members can access all the recordings in our library

Interested in being a speaker for one of our (CS)²AI Online Seminars? Click Here.

2024 (CS)²AI Online Library

Cyber Commissioning for Enhanced Building Control System Security

Fred Gordy: Passionate Building/OT Cybersecurity Practitioner, Speaker, Author, National Practice Lead - Building Cybersecurity at

Michael Baker International, and CS2AI Fellow

Guest Host:

Mark Bristow: Director CIPIC, MITRE Labs

ICS Supply Chains: SBOM Sharing Gets Interesting

Chris Blask: VP Strategy, Cybeats, Chair of ICS-iSAC, Author, Speaker, Ponderer of Inevitability Curves, and CS2AI Founding Fellow

(CS)²AI Online™ Symposium: By-the-Numbers: Your guide to Reports in the ICS/OT Cybersecurity Space

  • Pablo Almada: OT/IIoT Partner, KPMG Argentina

  • Hossain Alshedoki: IT/OT Cybersecurity & Privacy ENR Lead, KPMG Saudi Arabia

  • Constantine Antoniou: Cybersecurity Business Consultant - Global Cybersecurity Solutions and Services, Schneider Electric

  •  Bryson Bort: CEO and Founder, Scythe

  •  Ken Dohan: Sr. Director, OT/MSSP Americas, Cybolt

  •  Andrew Ginter: VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions

  •  Wanda Lenkewich: Pres., Chinook Systems

  •  Rod Locke: Dir. of Product Management, Fortinet

  •  Patrick Miller: CEO, Ampere Industrial Security

  •  Anish Mitra: Dir. KPMG India

  •  Brad Raiford: Dir.-National IoT & OT Cyber Services Leader, KPMG US

  • Walter Risi: Partner & Head of Consulting (Cyber/Digital/Transformation)  KPMG Argentina, Global OT Cyber Leader 

  • Justin Vierra: OT Security Principal Dir., Accenture

Stopping Exploits That Can Kill - Analysis of 5 years after a medical device cybersecurity recall

Billy Rios: Security Researcher, Author, and Co-Founder of QED Solutions

A New ICS Cyber Security Workforce Development Initiative

Tom VanNorman: Senior Vice-President of GRIMM, and Founding Member of the ICS Village, (CS)²AI Fellow

Guest Host:

Bill Lawrence: Chief Delivery Officer of Itegriti. Past VP and CISO of North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)

Updates on the DoD Facility-Related Control Systems Design and Construction Process

Michael Chipley PhD: GICSP, President of The PMC Group

Molly Balsley PhD: Deputy Project Manager and Technical Lead of The PMC Group

Susana Fellows: Sec+ Cybersecurity Specialist of The PMC Group

Steering Through the Storm: Proactive Vulnerability Management in OT

Jean-francois Gignac: Head of Global Sales & Marketing

Framatome Cybersecurity, Cyberwatch & Foxguard

Roger Rademacher: Supervisor of Cyber Security Services


How to Apply 62443 – A Practical Guide

Steve Mustard: President & CEO at National Automation and CS2AI Founding Fellow. Senior Member of ISA, Certified Automation Professional (CAP) and former board member of Automation Federation. GIAC Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP). GSX Certified Mission Critical Professional (CMCP), and former Chair of Automation Federation's Cyber-security committee. Member of ISA99 committee.

Cyber Castles – Operational Networks and Cybersecurity for Buildings

Bayron Lopez: Director of Operational Technology at Kilroy Realty Corporation, (CS)2AI Founding Fellow

2023 (CS)²AI Online Library

Crowdsourcing your OT Security Way Past the Hyperbole!

Vivek Ponnada is the Technical Solutions Director for Nozomi Networks and a CS2AI Fellow

Author Spotlight™ - An Interview with the Author of Engineering-Grade OT Security

Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions

Symposium: Ransomware - Targeting the OT Enterprise

Billy Rios (QED Secure Solutions)  

Roya Gordon (Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence)

Rees Machtemes (Waterfall Security Solutions)

Chris Rouland (Phosphorus)  

Mark Weatherford (National Cybersecurity Center)

Satnam Narang (Tenable)

Tom VanNorman (GRIMM)

Omar Sikander (SecurityGate)  

Nate Toll (Google Cloud/Mandiant)

Pablo Almada (KPMG)

Anish Mitra (KPMG)  

Ronald Heil (KPMG)

Seminar & Solutions Showcase™: OT Data Diodes - Technical Deep Dive and Demo

Colin Dunn, Founder / CEO, Fend 

Nick Norwood, Hardware Engineer, Fend

Remote Operations and Reduced Attack Surface? The Best of Both Worlds

Ron Fabela, Field CTO, Xona Systems

Smart Cybersecurity for Safe and Available Manufacturing

Samir Mokthar: Solutions Architect - OT Cybersecurity EMEA| Fortinet 

Gaining Visibility (and follow-on Segmentation) from your Hardest-to-Crack OT Environments

Brian Brammeier: CEO & CISO of Opscura. He is responsible for the worldwide development and growth of Opscura’s ICS product portfolio and business. Brian is an experienced business operator, crisis IT and cybersecurity professional.

Gerard Vidal: Co-Founder & CTO of Opscura. He leads their team of ICS security and technology experts in applying scientific discoveries and technological advancements to its ICS cybersecurity product portfolio. An accredited expert in ISO SC27/WG2, he contributes to the ISO standardization process for new security mechanisms such as lightweight cryptography, blockchain, quantum cryptography, and more.

Symposium: Cyber Security for the Manufacturing Sector

Cyber-Ready Industrial Manufacturing: What’s the Risk? with:

Rod Locke, Senior Director of Product Management - OT at Fortinet 

Mark Cristiano, Global Commercial Director, Global Cybersecurity Services, Rockwell Automation

Michael Hinz, Manager WIO, Perimeter & Cloud Security, ZF Group

Network Engineering for Operational Safety with:

Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions 

Cyber Risk Mitigation in a Small Manufacturing Environment via Security Segmentation with: 

John Hoyt, Lead Cyber Physical Systems Engineer at MITRE

Aslam Sherule, Lead Cyber-Physical Systems Engineer at MITRE

Panel Discussions with:

Reynaldo Gonzalez, Principal Cybersecurity Architect, Cummins

Vivek Ponnada, Technical Solutions Director at Nozomi Networks

Daniel Crespo, Senior OT/ICS Cybersecurity Lead at Newell Brands

ICS Advisory Project

Vulnerability Patch Management Preparation for Manufacturing Security

Dan Ricci, Senior Information Security Officer at Frequentis Defense, Inc

Transportation Series Finale with Head of the TSA - David Pekoske

David Pekoske - TSA Administrator

Gary Kessler, Maritime Cysecurity Consultant 

Jonathan Pollet, Founder & Exec. Dir. of Red Tiger Security 

Olivier de Visscher, Head of Railway Industrial Cybersecurity Expleo Group.

The Threat Report - OT Cyber Incidents with Physical Consequences

Rees Machtemes, Director of Industrial Security

at Waterfall Security Solutions

A Deep Dive into Risks Posed by Insecure-by-Design Control System Software in Critical Infrastructure

Brian Foster Lead OT Security Architect at Southern California Edison (SCE)

How to Best Combine Human Expertise and Technology to Strengthen OT Cybersecurity

Robin Berthier, CEO and Co-Founder, Network Perception

Ian Frist, Cybersecurity Compliance Program Dir., Corning Inc.

Vulnerabilities and Hacking Techniques in Transportation ICS and IoT

Jonathan Pollet, Founder and CEO of Red Tiger Security

Turning Rusty Swords into Ploughs - retasking OT Cybersystems for Pipelines

James Cabe, Senior Director of Alliances and Strategic Sales at ZPE Systems

Securing the Highway-Unveiling Cybersecurity Challenges in Fleet Operations and Trucking Infrastructure

Ben Gardiner, Senior Cybersecurity Research Engineer at the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc .

Transportation Supply Chain Tales and Fails. Can there be a happy ending?

Jo Dalton is an Associate Partner at Pen Test Partners

Geopolitical Issues of GPS/AIS Spoofing and Jamming

Gary Kessler, Ph.D., CISSP is a retired professor of cybersecurity. Co-author of "Maritime Cybersecurity: A Guide for Leaders and Managers," he is currently the president and janitor of Gary Kessler Associates (providing maritime cybersecurity research, consulting, and training services).

Applying Network Segmentation to Secure OT Environments

John Livingston, CEO of Verve  

Dan Clark, Director of OT Cybersecurity Architecture at Verve

Cybersecurity Meets Quality and Safety

Charlie Givens, (CS)²AI Fellow and Cybersecurity Project Manager at Bechtel National, Inc.

Katie Pehrson, (CS)²AI Fellow and ICS Cybersecurity Laboratory Technical Director at Bechtel Corporation

Setting up one of the World's First OT SOCs in Rail Environments

Omar Sherin, Partner at Ernst & Young (EY) Digital Solutions and Cyber Security

Convergence of Physical Security and Cybersecurity in an Airport Environment

Shawn Goudge, Aviation Security Specialist and Regulatory Specialist - Formerly with Transport Canada AVSEC, Former Regional Manager AVSEC Africa and Middle East with IATA.

(CS)²AI Members-Only Event: Optimizing Your Use of LinkedIn

Linkedin expert Colleen McKenna

Risk Assessment Considerations Using the ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 Risk Assessment Process

Jim Gilsinn, Technical Leader at Dragos

Symposium: Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and Boats Too!

Michael Clifford - Principal Researcher, Connected Car Security at Toyota InfoTech Labs

Omar Sherin - Partner and Cyber Security Dir.(OT) at Ernst & Young - MENA Region

Miki Shifman - Co-Founder & CTO at Cylus 

Shawn Goudge - Sr. Security Specialist at The Calgary Airport Authority

Barbara Grofe - Prin. Security Architect, Security and Space Range Designer , Researcher & Quantum Enthusiast. Chief Research Fellow at the Institute for Cyber and Space Research

Jonathan Pollet - Founder & CEO of Red Tiger Security

Gary Kessler - Adv. Board Member at Cydome, Sr. Fellow at Atlantic Council, Prin. Consultant at Fathom5, Gary Kessler Associates 

James Cabe - Co-Founder of and Director of Architecture Global Alliances at ZPE Systems

Deceive by Design: How to protect critical infrastructure with deception technology

Kevin Mayoros, Consulting Security Engineer - Enhanced Technologies, Fortinet  

Moshe Ben Simon, Vice President of Product Management, Fortinet

Anatomy of an Attack - From Encryption to Destruction

Fred Gordy, Director of Operational Technology Risk Assessment at Michael Baker International

Finding the proper focus for your OT security program

Professor Art Conklin is Program Coordinator for the Information Security Program in the Technology Division of the Cullen College of Engineering at the University of Houston and the Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education.

Crying “Vulnerability”- Managing false positives while protecting the flock

Eric Byres, CTO and Board Member at aDolus Technology Inc and Derek Kruszewski, Senior Analyst at aDolus Technology Inc

Fellows Panel: S4 Takeaways and a Look Ahead at Our Industry

Patrick Miller, (CS)²AI Fellow, CEO of Ampere & 

Chris Blask, (CS)²AI Fellow, Vice President of Strategy at Cybeats

OT Facility Security: Thinking About The Big Picture

Steve Mustard, (CS)²AI Fellow, President & CEO of National Automation, and past president of the International Society of Automation & 

Guest Host Bryson Bort, (CS)²AI Fellow,

Fellow Seminar: Responding to, Adapting, and Defending Against Active Attacks on ICS Environments

Clint Bodungen is Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman of ThreatGEN, Author of Hacking Exposed: ICS, & Creator of Red vs. Blue Cybersecurity Game/Simulator

Tales From the Trenches – Why Organizations Struggle to get OT Visibility & Detection Right

Vivek Ponnada, Nozomi Networks

OT Monitoring Tools- A Case Study on How to Choose One

Raphael "Raph" Arakelian, Manager at PwC Canada - OT & IoT Security Team

Social Event: The Webb Space Telescope and the Power of Visibility

Nathalie N.-Q. Ouellette, Deputy Director of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic at Université de Montréal and Webb Telescope Outreach Scientist

How to Enable Frictionless User Access in OT and Critical Infrastructure Systems

Bill Moore, CEO and Founder of XONA

2022 (CS)²AI Online Library

(CS)²AI Online™ Symposium: Industrial Security Road Trip - Perspectives from around the world on the latest threats, challenges and solutions

Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Systems,

Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO of TAG InfoSphere

Chris Crawford, Transportation Industry Director at Waterfall Security Solutions

Tilo Kaschubek, Director Cloud Ecosystem & Regional Alliances - EMEA at AVEVA

Rees Machtemes, Director of Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions

Nate Nelson, Co-Host The Industrial Security Podcast

(CS)²AI Online™ Symposium: See before it happens -The importance of visibility in OT cybersecurity

Nathalie N-Q. Oullette, Astrophysicist, Webb Telescope Outreach Scientist, & Deputy Director of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic at Université de Montréal

Galina Antova, Co-Founder & CBDO at Claroty

Walter Risi, Partner & Global OT Cybersecurity Lead at KPMG

Debbie Gordon, Founder & CEO of Cloud Range - Virtual Cyber Range Attack Simulation

Manuel E. Basurte, Head of Industrial Cybersecurity at Ternium

Jayne Goble, Director Cyber Security at KPMG UK

Patrick Wreglesworth, Head of Cyber Security at UK Northern Gas Networks

Marcus Linder, Senior Attackmaster at Cloud Range Cyber

13 Ways to Break a Firewall (sponsored by Waterfall Security Solutions)

Rees Machtemes, P. Eng.,
Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions

An Evidence-based Approach to Improving ICS Cybersecurity, (sponsored by TrendMicro)

William Malik, Vice President, Infrastructure Strategies at TrendMicro

Where to Start Building a Supply Chain Security Program (Sponsored by aDolus)

Eric Byres & Ron Brash

Communicating Cyber Risk to the C-Level in Financial Terms (sponsored by DeNexus)

Derek Harp, John Collins, Donovan Tindill, & Jeffrey Sirr

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of OT Cybersecurity in the Cloud, (sponsored by Nozomi Networks)

Danielle Jablanski and Vivek Ponnada

Datacenter OT Cybersecurity Trends

Jim Gilsinn

The Evolution of OT Security Management

Rick Kaun

Region Kickoff Event 2022 Annual Report Panel Discussion

Jaco Benadie,Eddy Lek, Patrick Billings, and Sharul Rashid

Cyber Security for Manufacturing: The OEM Leaders’ Perspective & SWOT Analysis

Bart de Wijs, Rob Garry & Megan Samford

Confluence Points & Future Gazing-Where is ICS Cybersec heading?

Chris Blask

New and Updated: Top 20 Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems, Sponsored by Waterfall

Andrew Ginter

Managing Service Provider Fragmentation in Smart Buildings

Fred Gordy

Building the OT Cyber Security Workforce: What We Can Learn From Safety Culture

Steve Mustard

Protecting Mission Critical Facilities

Wanda Lenkewich

OT Vulnerability Management

John Cusimano

When Industrial Cybersecurity Changed Forever

Greg Hale, Andrew Ginter, Derek Harp

The Power of the OT Security Playbook

Chris Sistrunk

Secure Control Systems for Smart Manufacturing Symposium

Carlos Sanchez | Director - Operational Technology, Central US at Fortinet
Bill Moore | Founder and CEO at XONA
Robin Berthier | CEO and Co-Founder at Network Perception
Paul Brownlee | North American Lead, Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity at Accenture

A Follow-up to Supply Chain Symposium

Eric Byres, Allan Friedman, Erik Schweigert

Research, Regulators, and Recalls – What We Can Learn From the Medical Device Cybersecurity Community

Billy Rios

DoD Cyber FVEYS Nations Mission Assurance Table-Top Exercise

Daryl Haegley, Dr. Michael Chipley, and Dr. Leigh Armistead

Zero Trust for Operational Technologies (Sponsored by Fortinet)

William Noto and Carlos R Sanchez

Securing the Software Supply Chain: Forging an Unbreakable Chain

Eric Byres, Mark Weatherford, Jonathan Dambrot, Caleb Queern, Erick Schweiger, Rod Campbell, Allan Friedman, Brad Raiford

When Data Eats SCADA

Patrick Miller

Developing OT Incident Response Proactive and Reactive Programs

Bryan Singer

Lessons Learned from NERC CIP and What to Expect from the Changing Regulatory Landscape

Richard Springer

Control System Cyber Security for Energy - Part 2: Electric Sector Symposium

• Melissa Hathaway (President, Hathaway Global Strategies) - Keynote
• Marc Rogers (VP of Cybersecurity at Okta): Hands-on experience on exploit
• Ben Sooter (Principal Project Manager EPRI: Responding to High Impact Cyber Security events in Operations
• Branko Terzic (Former FERC Commissioner): Challenges for electric utilities
• Philip Huff (Univ. of Arkansas): Vulnerability Management for electric utilities
• Todd Chwialkowski (EDF-RE): Implementing Electronic Security Controls
• Robin Berthier (Network Perception): NERC CIP Firewall Change Review Workflow
• Saman Zonouz, Threats to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices

Vivek Ponnada

2021 (CS)²AI Online Library

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges & Solutions

Chuck Brooks, Robin Berthier, Marcus Sachs, and Brad Raiford

Addressing Threats to Smart Factories

William (Bill) Malik

Navigating Vulnerability Disclosures in an ICS Environment, a BADALLOC Case Study

Rob Garry, Zach Tanko, Colin Sullivan

Robots, Rails, Bytes and Risk - A Modern ICS Success Story

Brent Huston

Building Cyber Competency in Control System Engineers

Charlie Givens and Katie Pehrson

Navigating the New TSA Directive for Pipelines

Rick Kahn

IoT Skimmer: Energy Market Manipulation through High-Wattage IoT Botnets

Raheem Beyah & Tohid Shekari

OT Cyber Risk Management: You’re Doing it Wrong - The 3 Most Common Cyber Risk Management Problems

Clint Bodungen

Why Hasn’t SOAR Taken Off in ICS? (sponsored by Industrial Defender)

Peter Lund and Chris Duffey

Stop Tomorrow's Crisis Today - Developing and Leading a Top ICS Incident Response Team

Mark Bristow

Scanners, Tunnels, and Sims, Oh My! Control Things

Justin Searle

How Operational Technology Systems Impact Commercial Real Estate

Bayron Lopez

Translating Maturity Level Assessment Into the OT/ICS Environment

Jim Gilsinn

ICS Cyber Security - Build It In or Bolt it On? with lab (Bedrock Automation)

Albert Rooyakkers

Unmanned Aerial Systems - Risks, Uses and Defenses

Harry Wingo

Debrief on the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Incident

Mark Weatherford, Lior Frenkel, Clint Bodungen & Ernest Wohnig

Securing OT in the Face of IIoT and 5G

Simon Bryden, Joe Robertson, Antoine d'Haussy, Aasef Iqbal

Managing OT Cyber Risk

Andrew Ginter

How Converging IT,OT, & IIOT Differences Affect Ops and Security

Art Conklin, PhD.

How to Design Remote Access into Industrial Environments the Right Way

Pascal Ackerman and Clint Bodungen

Physical Cybersecurity – When Everything is on the Line

Colin Dunn, Albert Lee, Jeff Kahn, Michael Arceneaux

ICS SecOps: Active Defense with Effective Incident Response

Can Kurnaz

The Current ICS/IoT Threat Landscape

Bryson Bort

Keeping the Lights On! Protecting the Power Grid

Rob Garry

Case Study on Attack Detection & Response in a Power Grid Blackstart Scenario

Tim Yardley

Mission Kill: Process Targeting in ICS Attacks

Joe Slowik

2020 (CS)²AI Online Library

Top 5 Use Cases for Endpoint Protection
in Operational Technology

Michelle Balderson and Tsailing Merrem

OPERATION: Poisoning the Supply Chain (on a Budget)

Monta Elkins

OPERATION: Operator Jail Breakout

Dieter Sarrazyn and Frank Lycops

Under Pressure: Establishing Secure Remote Access into ICS/OT Networks

Dharminder Debisarun, George Cordeiro, and Lieuwe Jan Koning

Defense Perspectives on Emerging Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Daryl Haegley, Harry Wingo, Nina Kollars

Lures, Obfuscation & Worming: Analyzing Successful Android Malware Campaigns

Marita Fowler

Techniques for Assessing and Manipulating Embedded Devices

Michael Schroeder

Evolving ICS Cyber Attack Surfaces

John Cusimano / Del Rodillas / Igor Volovich

Hardening Your Supply Chain with the NIST/NICE Framework

Rob Chubbuck

Cyber Security in Health Care Symposium

Christian “quaddi” Dameff MD, Vidya Murthy, David Nathans, Veronica Schmitt, Billy Rios, Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe, Jay Radcliffe

Top 3 Things to Know for Tuning ICS Security Alerts

Chris Sistrunk

Hacking the Supply Chain- the Ubiquitous Vulnerabilities of Ripple 20

Shlomi Oberman, Moshe Kol and Ariel Schön

Control System Security Incident Handling in the Fog of War

Mark Bristow, Jeff Hussey, Jake King, & Brent Gage

Applied Deception in the Era of IT/OT Convergence

Mike Rebultan

Saved By Ransomware

Brent Huston

Top 5 Takeaways on IEC 62443-3-3

Thomas Balint, Stefan Woronka, and Dharminder Debisarun

“Shall we play a game?” – Improving ICS Cybersecurity with Immersive Gamification & Simulation

Clint Bodungen

2019 (CS)²AI Online Library

The Gold Standard for ICS-OT Monitoring

Andrew Ginter

The Certified Mission Critical Operations-Professional

Steve Mustard

Secure Operations Technology

Andrew Ginter

ICS Security & Patch Management

Larry Grate, Jim Gilsinn & Paul Rostick

The Triton attack and Safety & Protection systems

Bryan Singer, Marina Krotofil, Oleg Kolesnikov and Andy Bochman

ICS in the Cloud

Chris Blask

ICS Security Event Retrospective: The SANS ICS Security Summit

Andy Bochman, Jon Taylor, and Don Weber

Keeping Things from Blowing Up: Consequence-Based Cybersecurity

Jim McGlone

Key Findings from the 2019 CS2AI-KMPG Survey Report

Derek Harp & Bengt Gregory-Brown

Demystifying ICS Cyber Risk

Mike Radigan

2018 (CS)²AI Online Library


Introduction to Control Systems

Dr. Michael Chipley, Larry Grate, and Billy Rios

Industry Regulations and Standards – Now and Emerging

Chris Humphreys, Bradford Hegrat, and Ernie Hayden

Managing the Sustainable ICS Security Program

Marco Ayala, Karonn Blue, and Jay Williams

Future Gazing: AI, Automation & Autonomy

Taylor Williams, Jason Christopher, and Doug Wylie

Inside the Control System – Components, Processes, and Automation

Bryan Singer and Emmett Moore

What is Unique About a Control Systems Network?

Stuart Phillips and Kevin van der Veen

The Control Systems Ecosystem – Suppliers

Cherise Esparze-Gutierrez, Graham Speake, and Rob Garry

The Control Systems Ecosystem – Asset Owners

Steve Mustard and Paul Piotrowski

Keys to an Effective Control System Security Program

Mille Gandelsman, Ernest Wohnig, Robert Bevis, and Karl Perman

The Control Systems Security Workforce Challenges

Rebekah Mohr, Samara Moore, and Andy Bochman

Control Systems Security – What is the Offense Doing?

Matthew Luallen, Clint Bodungen, and Jim Gilsinn

Controls Systems Security – How do we Best Defend Them?

Barak Perelman, Ayman Al-Issa, and Paul Forney

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