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2022 Control System Cyber Security Annual Report

2022 Control System Cyber Security Annual Report

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Executive Summary

We have all been experiencing significant shared challenges around the world and though certainly not limited to cyber security, we know we still have a lot of work to do to secure our modern connected society.

The report was based on survey results from more than 580 industry members at large and a representative sample of (CS)2AI‘s worldwide membership (approaching 25,000 community members at the time of the survey), with questions regarding control system security events, trends in attack activities and protective technologies, and how organizations are prioritizing their efforts to tackle this challenge.

Most of us cannot ‘do it all’ and need to choose wisely where our focus goes. The goal of this annual report is to give individuals a clearer picture of what peers are doing and serve as an annual support tool for the many difficult decisions we know are being made.

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