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The Chairman's Minute: The COVID-19 Treadmill

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

May, 2020

The Covid-19 Treadmill

The last 60 days have been quite an experience to say the least.  I find I really don’t feel I am in a position to complain when I know that so many more are experiencing real pain and permanent loss.  My heart is heavy on some days for that.

As I was taking one of my daily “walk & talks” that I have done during COVID-19 (150+ miles in April!), I found myself answering the question “how are you?” with the statement “I feel like I am riding a unicycle on a treadmill”.  Once I got home, I thought of a few more elements to add to the comic but for me this image sums up some significant themes of trying to balance, work, socialize virtually, learn, exercise, homeschool and just cope!  In truth, ole Yellowshirt here appears a bit more negative than I do most days.  In fact, I and my family have worked hard to find things to celebrate and be positive about and I hope you are finding those too.

It seems that with all that, cybersecurity might take a real backseat to other priorities.  But we know that must not be the case.  It is more important than ever to NOT let your guard down now. COVID-19 themed hacker tactics and techniques are being used widely.  I recently had the opportunity to talk with a few CS2AI advisors and members about this and have included a video with some of their comments in this issue.

Keep safe, keep healthy, and keep vigilant,


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