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Securing Smart Infrastructure 

Fend provides the operational intelligence you need and the security you deserve. 

Hackers have taken down electric infrastructure, threatened our water supply, and stolen customer information through connected equipment. Until now, you had to rely on cybersecurity technology meant for IT that wasn’t quite right for operational technology (OT). 

OT demands better! 

Fend physically transports data in a one-way fashion, allowing you to monitor data from protected networks and industrial control systems without opening up those assets to cyberattack. 

What is a Data Diode? 

A data diode is a device that allows information to travel in only one direction. Data diodes protect using physics rather than relying on code, making them more secure than firewalls and threat detection systems. 

Safely Connect Legacy Systems Never Intended for the IoT 

You’ve got decades-old chillers, generators, and treatment plants which are never going to get a security patch. You have new equipment that with an accidental misconfiguration could lead to unintended intrusion. You also are facing increased need to streamline operations. Fend’s data diodes meet your equipment where it is, extracting data without needing proxy servers or system changes. Fend’s hardware can establish traditional two-way communication with data sources and end destinations, while on-board processors transmit data from the protected side to outbound side in a unidirectional manner. 

Open the Door to the Cloud 

Fend’s hardware makes it possible to safely extract data and analyze it using the power of machine learning in the cloud while providing a physical backstop. Use the power of remote monitoring and cloud-based analytics to provide the operational awareness and intelligence your teams need to more efficiently achieve your mission and improve resilience. 

Why Fend? 

Fend’s hardware is made in the USA and built from the ground up as a cost-effective solution for monitoring industrial equipment. Fend’s diode-enabled cloud service allows you to safely access the power of cloud-based analytics and AI-driven insight.

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