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Welcome to the Region 4 (CS)²AI Chapter

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(CS)²AI is a "Members Helping Members organization. We encourage all of our participants to get involved via a paid membership or a leadership role. 

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Kickoff Event 2022 Annual Report Panel 
Aired: September 1, 2022
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Jaco Benadie


Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd

Region 4 Chapter PresidentJaco Benadie

During the day Jaco is a Partner at Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd and leads the Cybersecurity Team, and have more than 15 years experience in Cybersecurity for Operational Technology / Industrial Control Systems and Information Technology. He enjoys helping organizations to safeguard their computing infrastructures (office and industrial control domains) against an ever-increasing global cyber threat landscape. He specializes in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry, with deep expertise in other Critical National Infrastructure Sectors. I also have a broader exposure to a number of other industries like the Financial Services Sector.

At night, Jaco is also a Finding Fellow and the Asia Pacific Chapter President for the #(CS)²AI (Control System Cyber Security Association International). When he can, he loves traveling and exploring new places. He enjoys sporting activities like golf, cricket, hiking, etc. 

In the early parts of 2020, I made a brave, some may say a foolish or ignorant, decision to uproot and move all the way from the UK to Kuala Lumpur during a global pandemic. Unexpectedly, our big move was delayed for two and half months due to movement control orders and other very challenging logistical nightmares but we finally made it to Kuala Lumpur three days shy of the Malaysian travel ban from a number of countries including the UK. 

I am quite familiar with the region – picturesque natural beauty; national cuisines bursting with flavor (and sometimes it is just better not to ask the question “what is this?”); welcoming and friendly people – but what I was really excited about is to return to the cosmopolitan nature of the region. A region so diverse, it is unseen anywhere else in the world. The perfect place to grow professionally. 

Therefore, it is with great excitement that we are finally launching the (CS)²AI Asia Pacific Super Chapter. An idea I have been discussing with the Founders, Derek Harp and Bengt Gregory-Brown, for quite some time. Our goal is to expand the global network of likeminded people with a passion for Control Systems and Cyber Security. Sharing our knowledge and experience to strengthen and safeguard critical infrastructures as one.

As the first Chapter Board President, my vision is that our diversity strengthens our unity to safeguard these fragile, yet critical, systems from cyber threats. In order to promote the unity through diversity vision I want to promote a common set of behaviors among all members: 

1. Ownership – we take ownership of our chapter and invest our time to share and learn openly.

2. Empowerment – we commit and support a culture learning and development.

3. Inclusivity – we respect the input and ideas from all members. 

4. Learning – we promote proactive learning to become an innovative chapter.

5. Challenge – we will constantly seek out new ways to share experiences and to solve problems.

It is impossible to do all of this on my own and I am dependent on other (CS)²AI Members to not only support the events as joiners and presenters but also as organizers. I am therefore recruiting members to join me on the Executive Committee to dream big and to turn those dreams into reality. Please reach out to me if you are interested to join an exciting team. 


I very excited to see where this journey will lead to and to meet very interesting people, hopefully to make lifelong friends. 


Our diversity strengthens our unity to safeguard systems from cyber threats. 

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