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Jay Radcliffe

Jay Radcliffe

Director of Product Security Testing and Research at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jay Radcliffe (CISSP) has been working in the computer security field for over 20 years. Coming from the managed security services industry as well as the security consultation field, Jay has helpedorganizations of every size and vertical secure their networks and data. Jay presented ground-breaking research on security vulnerabilities in multiple medical devicesand was featured on national television as an expert on medical device cyber-security.As a Type I diabetic, Jay brings a lifetime of being a patient to helping medical facilities secure their critical data without compromising patient care.Not only is Jay a prolific public speaker, but also works with legal firms on expert witness consultation related to IoT and cyber security issues. Jay holds a Master's degree in Information Security Engineering from SANS Technology Institute, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Pre-Law from Wayne State University. SC Magazine named him oneof the Top Influential IT Security Thinkers in 2013.

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