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MKG Marketing

MKG Marketing helps security and software companies grow bigger, delivering more traffic and quality leads that turn into sales pipeline.

The businesses we work with want more than just “an SEO audit” or “generate Qualified Leads from our Google Ads accounts”.

  • They want a partnership. An agency who is an extension of their team.

  • Need someone who understands the challenges of selling into security buyers. What do those people think? How do they make decisions?

The offerings we provide include:

  • fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to eliminate acts of random marketing.

  • Digital Strategy

  • Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization

  • Digital Advertising

  • Digital Analytics

What makes us different from other marketing agencies?

  • Your industry: We've been working with cybersecurity and software businesses for more than 7 years

  • Your audience: We host three podcasts in an effort to get to know you, our clients, and your buyers. It's our mission to know your buyer better than any other agency.

If you're interested in how we can take a headache off your overflowing plate at work, read some of the information below. Like what you see? Visit our website.

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