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How Do You Ask Your CISO for OT Cybersecurity Budget?

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

George Kalavantis, Industrial Defender COO

August 23, 2021

Getting budget approval is clearly a challenge for many in our community. Getting for OT cyber security can be even more challenging in some companies, depending largely on executive awareness and “buy in”.

Your success most often comes from how you engage the conversation. So first let’s consider why this is even an issue at all. It seems like not too long ago, there was a time when OT was not even on the security roadmap, and CISOs couldn’t spell OT if you spotted them the “T”. But then STUXNET, UKRAINE, NOTPETYA, and most recently the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline happened.

These events have accelerated the learning curve, and many CISOs have had a crash course on the criticality of OT to their business and the lack of visibility into OT environments within the enterprise cybersecurity stack. It is now clear that siloed, uncoordinated teams across the same enterprise is not a recipe for success. Though there are a number of preparatory steps one should consider, I want to share a few of my own tips on how to make the case for OT cybersecurity budget to your CISO. Read them here:

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