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Transcription of video above: Hi, I'm Derek Harp, the founder and chairman of CS2AI, the Control System Cyber Security Association International. I know a number of you quite well, but some of you I probably don't know or we haven't crossed paths yet. I want to introduce the organization and I want to introduce a special offering that we've created this year. One of the inputs to the to the bundles, I'm going to show you this sort of special pricing is the the financial situation that some of our current partners and prospective partners are in. I know a lot of people in the industry, and I'm hearing sort of the intimate stories of reductions in force and some of that's in the news as well, or, you know, out there in our in our public ecosystem. But people still need they still need their sales pipeline to be filling. They still need customer acquisition. And that starts with high quality leads and with, you know, with with continually staying in people's eye. And we help do that across our significant platform. If you're not familiar with us I've attached this PDF, this is just a high level statistical analysis of our results with just 30,000 signed up community members. We've had  20,000 people register for events over the last couple of years, with over 11,000 of those folks coming actually to the events which we hold every Wednesday at 1:00 is an event. Most of them are live,  occasionally we have to do a recorded one. And they're very sticky, very involved, Lots of Q&A. We have a whole process for all that. If you've never attended and we are, as far as I know, the leading virtual platform, community platform for OT / ICS industry 4.0, whatever you'd like to call it, cybersecurity. We do pull people from multiple industries. 48% are in leadership positions of three different levels that we track. You can see here we have a significant number of people that go and take a look at the events and see the brands and sponsorship evolves. That's just the tip of the iceberg on sort of exposure. We've had 60 seminars during this period nine symposium which are larger format event, and we issue almost 10,000 now because it's been a couple of weeks. 10,000 continuing education unit certificates for people who are active for over an hour. So that's another very key data point. You can't get one of those if you come in and come out and you know, in five or 15 minutes, you have to be there for an hour, which our software tracks. So anyway, just I'll share this with you. We also have a podcast channel that's also taken off our somewhere in the 3500 downloads per per month now and and quickly approaching 60,000 total downloads. And so it's just another example separate from our online events on Wednesdays. Another channel that's developing for us. So what I want to share with you today is the Bronze Star bundle, all of our star bundles. And so the normal engagement with us, people purchase things off of our list of what are the things we can do with you when you do an event and we want to get a certain number of minimum guarantee leads and we want to, you know, have you distribute some information about us in three or four different channels maybe where we're speaking, where we're writing, who are experts, are, you know, feature us, shine the light on what we're doing or a spotlight as we like to use that term in some of our products. So the bronze bundle is us going through line by line and saying, what can we push into one bundle and make sort of an economical deal and make it a little more cost effective, especially now for people? It's not a gimmick we went through. These are the things that we purchased a-la-cart have been for years by people, unless it's a brand new offering. And we just said some of these we can afford, the execution cost is a little bit lower. We can afford to sort of push it into the bundle. Others, we have to be careful because our whole team has to be you know, our staff has to be on on board to execute on it. So we try to try to strike a balance of what we could push into the bundle and give you. So this is the highlight of the bronze. It includes minimum guarantee leads, 200 in this case, discount, anything else you buy during the year and a whole bunch of other exposures across the platform. Again, not just your logo, but your people, your leaders, your cyber unicorns, our purple unicorns. And some people like to joke. So it's about $22,000 nearly of product of things you would you would buy in our list for 15. So it's the most economical offering we have ever had. It is the bronze. There is a silver, gold and platinum equivalent. We have customers at all of these levels, partners at all these levels, and they get more significant, as you can see at the bottom. And it ranges from about $6700 and savings to $44,000 in savings, meaning if you a-la-carted all these items, it would be in the case of the platinum 75 plus 44,000 to purchase all of the items that we've pushed in there. So we've we've dug deep. We want to help people. We want to help ourselves, too. I'm not trying to be clever here. I'm trying to be very direct with people. And if there is financial uncertainty for anyone in the ecosystem, we're part of that same ecosystem too. So we wanted to create something that was good for you, but also good for us and in the end, good for the community.You have amazing experts at your companies, amazing products at your companies. We do need to shine a spotlight on those so that our community members know what their options are. And last but not least, we have a signing bonus. This is interdependent of the bundles which you could purchase. You know, at any time. This is for people who can quickly make a decision and get on board. And it's just more value and it's real value. It's additional leads. And it's also a showcase event where you can sell our normal model is not selling oriented. It's education and teaching oriented. And we're known for that. But we've piloted over the recent year, we've piloted some demo, opportunities, letting a few partner select partners talk all about their product, both in the online sessions and also in a podcast version of the same product. And so this is the online demo day session that we would market and let people know that they can come in here, you know, in-depth about what you what your offering is from your experts. You could have a customer on board, you could do case studies. It's sort of an unrestricted version of our normal the normal events and the normal events that are associated that are up here in the tiers. Those are the educational teaching opportunities. But this is a this is an additional additional bonus. And then there's some of these other levels at the higher levels include those sorts of events and the podcast spotlight as well, where you can talk about your offerings. So if you know what you want should be an email, we'll memorialize it. In an email, you can get it to you if you want to have further discussion, which I would understand, and get into our demographics and get into more of sort of how all this works. Use my calendly link, set an appointment with me. This is a high priority. We are going into a high growth mode. We're hiring more people. Obviously our revenue matters to us, be able to serve our mission to the community. But we also know that some of you need some potentially more cost effective options. W e had a couple of customers say they're going to reallocate from face to face conferences that they're not going to go to and they want to reallocate it with us. We assume that that might apply for some of you as well. So I will set up an additional meeting on a different day if my normal calendly calendar flow doesn't work for you, Just just let me know and we'll work it out. Take care, if you will. And I hope for your company things are going well. We have an amazing marketplace, maybe some temporary. I hope it is my my read on things that might last for a little while. But it's a it's a temporary thing. It doesn't really reflect on companies needs for what we all do. It's omnipresent. We've not cracked cracked the problem open fully. There's lots of work to be done. We need to stay in people's minds eye. We need to make sure that when they do a budget now or in the future, that they know what their options are. And you are one of those options if you got this from me. So I'd love to talk to you about how we can help you still be successful year round in any kind of market. Take care. Be well.

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