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2024 Control System Cyber Security Annual Report

2024 Control System Cyber Security Annual Report

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Executive Summary

This year’s report is based on survey results from more than 630 industry members at large and a representative sample of (CS)2AI‘s worldwide membership, with questions regarding their experiences with control system security events, attack patterns, and their responses, and where their organizations are focusing their resources to protect critical systems and assets.

The 2024 report sheds light on several critical trends and challenges in the control system security industry. While the increase in cyberattacks is concerning, organizations have become more proactive in their cybersecurity budgets, focused on prevention, and acknowledging the threat of supply chain attacks. One of the significant issues highlighted in the report is the shortage of skilled workers in the cybersecurity field. With the rise of cyber threats, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has never been higher.

Respondents in the survey report increased difficulty in hiring qualified personnel, and the report highlights the need for organizations to invest in the development of their current employees' cybersecurity skills and training.

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