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Secure Anchor Consulting

Founder & CEO

Secure Anchor Consulting and I offer expertise across the whole spectrum of cyber security, including perimeter defense, secure network design, vulnerability discovery, penetration testing, and intrusion detection systems. Some of the current key focus areas include advanced threats, insider threat, CISO support and security coaching. Secure Anchor also works with startups and established enterprises bringing innovative products to market, and bridges the gap between executive and technical stakeholders. I bring additional experience in positioning technology for acquisition.

I started in the cyber world as an analyst with the CIA, with computer security in its infancy, when most advanced threats manifested as physical instead of virtual. It became clear to me that this field requires constant, ongoing learning, or your knowledge and expertise will quickly expire.

From the intelligence community, I landed at the SANS Institute and developed coursework that is now the foundation of SANS information security training and security certification, building out the Cyber Defense curriculum and authoring the top selling cyber security course.

Now, my teaching, research, and the constant learning demanded by rapidly changing technology all merge to create a skill set and knowledge base that serve both individuals and corporations in their cyber security efforts. Sharing what I know, whether as a teacher or a speaker, fuels my desire to keep growing and giving each day. What can I help you understand?

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