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Security Gate

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Industry pioneer for implementation of Achilles Practice Certification PCD/ICS offshore technology cyber security for rig fleet. Innovative and decisive IT/ICS operations professional with 11+ years’ experience of managing IT & ICS network infrastructures, OT/PCD/ICS/IT cyber security based on (WIB/IEC 62443; NIST 800-53, ISO2700(1&2)), and operational risk management within the corporate & ICS network environments. Demonstrated success in team leadership, execution, strategic planning, stakeholdering, communication, budget management, and architecture design. Specialized in cyber security, enterprise telecommunications, network engineering design, ICS/SCADA/OT security, IT risk management, Incident Response, local and virtual remote team management. Team leader who mentors with purpose and fosters strong working relationships to create great teams and exceptional results.

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