FALL 2020

Cut through the noise

Apply real solutions

Securing our critical systems and infrastructure remains challenging, despite the many products and technologies available to us. How can security teams and managers cut through the noise to tackle real problems and apply real solutions? 


This Fall, 2020, (CS)2AI will bring together actionable solutions and experts to give attendees not only valuable current insights into how to find and prioritize their security issues, but also how to fix them. This unique new event, CyberSolutionsCon, will allow attendees to interact with experts and products in small, interactive groups virtually, ask lots of questions in real time and take away solutions they can implement. 


Sessions will include a dynamic keynote and useful panels on the main stage. In separate sessions, industry partners will offer interactive product access and mini-trainings, as well as interactive questions and answer sessions.


Join (CS)2AI now to bring this opportunity to your potential customers and benefit from a generous package of leads, promotion and content assets that can anchor your fall 2020 marketing campaigns. 

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