OT Cyber Security Risk - Taking it Down

September 15, 2021
1:00PM - 5:00PM EST


About the Symposium

Cybersecurity mitigations aren't always the most important part of OT cyber risk programs, but are always the most expensive. Join (CS)²AI and industry leaders for 12 rounds of discussion and debate on how to reduce OT cyber risks most effectively.


James McGlone of Kenexis, co-author of Security PHA Review will look at physical mitigations for cyber safety risks.

Sarah Freeman and Andrew Bochman of Idaho National Labs and co-authors of Countering Cyber Sabotage will look at risk assessments and un-hackable mitigations.

Andrew Ginter, author of Secure Operations Technology will look at controlling offline and online cyber attack information flows.

We will round out these deep dives with insights and analysis from each of our esteemed speakers. In addition, our published authors will offer tips on the process of writing.


For an extra bit of entertainment (as (CS)²AI is now known for) we have Golden Gloves champion, four time WBC Canadian Super Middleweight champion and Team Canada member, Rob Couzens attending who will discuss the universal applicability of the word "fight" regardless of your opponent! 


Our wrap up will include a panel of industry leaders who will offer their analysis of how to use what's been presented: Dr. William (Art) Conklin of the University of Houston, Bryan Owen of OSIsoft/Aveva and Mark Fabro of Lofty Perch.


Join us to explore a new perspective on risk management strategies unique to the OT / industrial space.

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We will go 12 rounds with the quality question prize wheel to see who wins the following books!


Click on a book to open a purchase link


The first 400 people to register and attend the symposium will receive a surprise swag box of items including Andrew Ginter's book thanks to our Title Sponsor: Waterfall Security Solutions.



1:00 - 1:10 PM

Kickoff: Derek Harp, Founder & Chairman of (CS)²AI 

1:10 - 1:20 PM

Round #1: Operational Risk Concepts and Vocabulary with Michael Firstenberg

1:20 - 2:15 PM

Rounds #2 & #3: SPR – security PHA review with Jim McGlone

Author Spotlight – Jim McGlone

2:20 - 3:00 PM

Rounds #4 - #6: Consequence Driven Cyber Informed Engineering (CCE) for dealing with risk with Andrew Bochman & Sarah Freeman

Author Spotlight – Andrew Bochman & Sarah Freeman

3:00 - 3:45PM

Rounds #7 - #9: Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT) with Andrew Ginter 

Author Spotlight – Andrew Ginter

3:45 - 4:45 PM

Rounds #10 & #11: Expert panel with Art Conklin, Mark Fabro, Andrew Ginter, Derek Harp and Bryan Owen

4:45 - 5:00 PM

Round #12: Final wrap up 


Meet The Event Speakers


Andrew Bochman

Senior Grid Strategist at Idaho National Laboratory

Co-author of Countering Cyber Sabotage - Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering

Andrew Bochman

Sarah Freeman

ICS Cybersecurity Analyst at Idaho National Laboratory

Co-author of Countering Cyber Sabotage - Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering

Sarah Freeman

Art Conklin

Professor at University of Houston

Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education, (CS)²AI Founding Fellow

Art Conklin

Jim McGlone

Chief Marketing Officer at Kenexis Consulting Corporation

Co-author of Security PHA Review

Jim McGlone

Rob Couzens

Professional Boxer

Golden Gloves champion, Four time WBC Canadian Super Middleweight champion, Team Canada member

Rob Couzens