Control System Cyber Security Association International

We are dedicated to the growth and expansion of local and global networking opportunities and professional development for everyone involved in the Control System Cyber Security field.

We are a catalyst for professional development for the (CS)² industry.

(CS)²AI (“See-Say” for short), is a rapidly growing global nonprofit association with                                 worldwide.

(CS)²AI (“See-Say” for short), is a rapidly growing global nonprofit association with                                 worldwide.

17,000+ MEMBERS

Our singular purpose is to create and nurture vibrant, influential peer-to-peer networks focused on (CS)² industry development, enhancement and growth.

17,000+ MEMBERS

Due to guidance from health professionals,
(CS)²AI is not currently advising holding in-person gatherings. Members and followers are encouraged to make use of online resources and virtual meeting technologies wherever possible to continue professional networking and development activities.

Accordingly, the (CS)²AI Global team is increasing our efforts to expand resources available online:

  1. Creating our first ICS Cyber Security Virtual Summit

  2. Immediately opening our signature ongoing ICS Cyber Security Virtual Meetup events to all levels of site members

  3. Launching our ICS SME Podcast series (Interview recordings are in editing presently)

Upcoming Virtual Meetup Series
Top 5 Use Cases for Endpoint Protection in Operational Technology
Jul 16, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM EDT
Join (CS)²AI and Fortinet’s OT Endpoint Protection SMEs Michelle Balderson and Tsailing Merrem as we explore five-use cases in OT that require rethinking the air gap
Top 5 Takeaways on IEC 62443, with Palo Alto Networks and Siemens (sponsored)
Jul 23, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT
Join (CS)²AI and our panel of experts in a discussion of properly leveraging IEC62443 to strengthen your ICS/OT security. Dharminder Debisarun of Palo Alto Networks, along with Thomas Balint and Stefan Woronka of Siemens.
OPERATION: Poisoning the Supply Chain (on a Budget)
Jun 25, 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM EDT
Online Webinar
Join (CS)²AI and Foxguard’s Monta Elkins as he replicates the 2018-reported chip-implant supply chain attack on an industry-standard firewall, allowing the creation of privileged accounts, network access, and covert notification of successful compromise, all on a shoestring budget.

Did You Know?

You can receive 1 continuing education and/or development credit for each (CS)²AI Virtual Meetup Series event? Members who attend for at least 75% of a session will receive an email with a certificate of attendance.


*Due to the global health crisis, CS2AI does not support in-person meetings at this time.

Interested in being a speaker for one of our Virtual Meetup Sessions? Click Here.
We set aside time at the end of every virtual meetup session for our participants to ask our speaker questions about a topic of their choosing.* 
*questions will be submitted during the speaker presentation and curated afterward.