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(CS)²AI Online™ Symposium


Your Guide to Reports in the ICS/OT Cybersecurity Space

March 20, 2024
1:00PM - 5:30 PM EST

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Event Information

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How many reports and papers focused on cyber security for Control Systems or Operating Technology are published every year?  How many hours of effort and dollars of development goes in to each?  How many of us can find the right report right when we need it?

The answer is many and not enough.  We all need a single resource where we can find what we need and when we need it.

Come join report authors and key contributors who will discuss some of the findings of a selected group of industry reports that are being used today to support decision makers around the globe.  During the event we will also unveil the first version of the (CS)²AI Reports & Papers Community Resource web page.  This resource is an ongoing (CS)²AI committee led initiative to catalog and organize all the reports and papers pertinent to our space.

Agenda: Coming Soon

This event will feature the following reports:


Report Name & Link


2023 Annual Report (not yet available for download). Click here to download the 2021 and 2022 annual reports.

(CS)²AI - Radiflow

OT Cybersecurity Technology Report (not yet available for download)



In addition, we have a committee working on creating a comprehensive "Reports and Papers" landing page for all members to enjoy as a free resource!

About the Symposium

Meet The Speakers

Derek Harp

Derek Harp

Chairman and Founder at (CS)²AI

Host and Keynote Speaker

Derek Harp
Justin Vierra

Justin Vierra

OT Security Principal Director at Accenture

Fortinet Panel

Justin Vierra
Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

CEO & Owner at Ampere Industrial Security

(CS)²AI - Radiflow OT Cybersecurity Technology Report

Patrick Miller
Walter Risi

Walter Risi

Global OT Cybersecurity Nexus Leader at KPMG

(CS)²AI - KPMG 2023 Annual Report

Walter Risi
Richard Springer

Richard Springer

Director, Marketing, OT Solutions @ Fortinet | Industrial Cybersecurity

Presenting 2 Fortinet papers from 2023

Richard Springer
Meet the speakes
About the symposium
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Meet The Event Steering Committee


(CS)²AI would like to thank the steering committee from KPMG,  for all the effort put into making this a unique and impactful event for the community. 

Yet another great example of Members Helping Members!

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