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November 2023
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Securing our critical systems and infrastructure remains challenging, despite the many products and technologies available to us. How can security teams and managers cut through the noise to tackle real problems and apply real solutions? 


This Fall, (CS)²AI will bring together actionable solutions and experts to give attendees not only valuable current insights into how to find and prioritize their security issues, but also how to fix them. This unique inaugural (CS)²AI Summit, Solutions Showcase '23, will allow attendees to virtually interact with experts and products in small, interactive groups, ask detailed and pointed questions in real time, and take away solutions they can implement today. 

Over the years, it has been brought to our attention that while our "no solicitation" policy is wonderful during our Thought Leadership Wednesdays at 1PM (CS)²AI Online™ Seminars, many of you do, in fact need an opportunity to learn more about the solutions that exist in the marketplace. As a result, we have invited vendors to offer demos of their solutions and insight into how they can help you be more successful in your own company!

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Grab a "Booth"!

Solutions Showcase '23 is designed to make it easy for control systems cyber security vendors and service providers to share their latest technologies, offer product demonstrations and talk through the services they provide. Each 90-minute session will include an opportunity for a product demo, an interactive question / answer session and breakout rooms.

email us today for pricing information and reserve your slot below.

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