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Book: Secure Operations Technology
by Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions

Secure Operations Technology (SEC-OT)  by Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security presents a perspective, a methodology and a set of best practices that documents what thoroughly-secured industrial sites actually do. How these secure their industrial networks differs sharply from what most industrial sites are currently doing.

Most industrial sites approach security from an IT perspective – meaning, “protect the information”. The focus at secure industrial sites from a SEC-OT perspective is protecting the safe, reliable, continuous and correct operation of the physical industrial process. These secure sites are focused on protecting physical assets and process from information – more specifically, from attacks embedded in information.

SEC-OT is a strategic approach to physically protect control-critical networks from information attack flows and is not limited to the IT security approach software-only protections. Cyber-attacks continue to become more capable and more sophisticated, and all industrial sites are increasing the strength of their defensive postures to address steadily increasing threats. What SEC-OT sites do today is sooner or later the future of all industrial sites.

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