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Network Security vs. Cyber Risk Management

Lots of companies consider themselves network security companies. The notion of network security is a problem because it assumes you can build a network first and secure it later. You can’t. That’s why Tempered is a cyber risk management company, not a network security company.

IIoT: The Clear and Present Danger

Cyber risk is everyone’s problem. In the first six months of this year, 4.1 billion records were breached. 38% of office buildings have been breached. Attempts to manage that risk have driven the cyber risk premium market from $2.5B in 2015 to $7.5B this year. That doesn’t even begin to quantify the risk.

As billions of OT devices without built-in cybersecurity are connected to IT networks, they are creating a massive and rapidly growing attack surface by offering remote control of critical, physical infrastructure. This exponential increase in new attack vectors didn’t exist when today’s security solutions were being designed. The result is rapidly rising cost and complexity and a precipitous decline in protection.

The Fatal Flaw

How did we get into this mess? Fifty years ago, when engineers invented the networking technologies that became the Internet, they never imagined the billions of devices we use today or the way we use them. They introduced something that turned out to be a huge, critical assumption. The fatal flaw – the IP address – which is used as both your address and your identity.

Every device gets an address. That address is used as your identity. And that address can be found. If it can be found, it can be hacked.Every device hacked can be used to hack other devices.

What can you afford to lose control of? Think about your business.A server containing your trade secrets or your customer’s very personal data?Your security cameras, your elevators, your ships at sea?

The Fix

There is a new technology that fixes the fatal flaw – an Airwall™. Airwalls don’t use IP addresses for identity. No IP address means you can’t find it. If you can’t find it, you can’t hack it. If it can’t be hacked, your cyber risk goes down. Way down.

This is Your Network on Firewalls

One option is to continue to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars trying to remedy the symptoms of the fatal flaw by building an increasingly tangled web of internal firewalls and VPNs. But they still use IP addresses as your identity...

This is Your Network on Airwalls

Or eliminate catastrophic cyber risks with a solution that fixes the fatal flaw and is purpose-built for IIoT:

  • Eliminate remote attacks, including lateral attacks that easily evade firewalls

  • Eliminate costly, complex network upgrades and firewall OPEX cash burn

  • Accelerate your digital transformation

Do you have an Airwall?