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Palo Alto Networks - Sponsored Event

Under Pressure: Establishing Secure Remote Access into ICS/OT Networks

May 14 @11:00 am EST (15:00 GMT/UTC)


Dharminder Debisarun - Palo Alto Networks: Industry Security Architect for Transport (Automotive, Airlines and Railway), Internet of Things, Manufacturing

George Cordeiro - Palo Alto Networks: Cyber-security Solutions Manager, Accenture Partnership

Lieuwe Jan Koning - On2IT: Founding Partner, Chief Technical Officer

Tina Slankas - Accenture  Senior Manager

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With many thanks to our Gold Strategic Alliance Partner, Palo Alto Networks, for helping us bring you this timely educational presentation, (CS)2AI is pleased to invite you to join us to discuss approaches to a long-standing challenge in control system cyber security – designing and implementing secure remote access solutions for ICS/OT environments.


Establishing secure remote access into industrial control systems, operational technology and IT environments has long been an ongoing effort for many of us, and the current shelter-in-place and work-from-home orders under which much of the world is now functioning has greatly ratcheted up the demand to make this happen yesterday. 


Part of the security equation involves how operational assets are accessed and managed and how the cyber security posture of IT and OT can be impacted if the management of remote access is not understood by business or is conducted poorly.

Companies of all sizes are struggling to adapt to telework demands, facing challenges of limited bandwidth, un- or insufficiently-vetted devices, workforce training needs and, in many settings, regulatory compliance requirements. 


Join the discussion in this Palo Alto Networks-sponsored event with our panel of subject matter experts and learn how they and their clients have addressed these demands in the past for example Zero Trust Security principles for OT and IT, when time was less pressured, and what they recommend for current conditions. 


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Panel Speaker Bios


Dharminder Debisarun - Palo Alto Networks: Industry Security Architect for Transport (Automotive, Airlines and Railway), Internet of Things, Manufacturing


Dharminder has extensive expertise in (industrial) IoT, manufacturing and energy security- including utilities, Oil & Gas, connected car, airlines and airports. He is a member of ENISA's (The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) expert group for Industry 4.0. As the subject matter expert, he has technical expertise and direct exposure to these topics, as a leader in Palo Alto Networks.

He is based in Amsterdam and works closely with customers and partners globally for understanding their pain points and needs. With over 2 years of IT/OT experience he is bridging the gap between IT/OT and the business needs. Dharminder also speaks expensively on ICS/SCADA security across Europe and beyond.

Previous to joining Palo Alto Networks, Dharminder was leading IT-Operations and implemented four software-defined data centers, which provided him first hand experience with the fact that security automation is moving beyond prevention and detection technologies: cyberattacks are inevitable we myst learn how to recognize the often subtle signs of an attack was well as respond effectively and swiftly to limit the damage that security breaches could do to the businesses. 


George Cordeiro - Palo Alto Networks: Cyber-security Solutions Manager, Accenture Partnership


George is a Solutions Manager within Palo Alto Networks’ Global Systems Integrators group. He specializes in networking, cloud, and emerging technologies across Accenture’s business units, and high-tech industries. Throughout his career, George has expertly combined his drive to achieve the client’s business outcomes with his passion for leading boldly with innovation. Partnering with the firm, and working with diverse, high-performing teams, George brings his cross-functional experiences to solve the client’s most complex challenges.

He has over 25 years of experience in designing, building, and integrating next-generation secure infrastructures for communication service providers and other large enterprises. He is responsible for defining and driving the joint solutions between Palo Alto Networks and Accenture’s technology solutions that provide end-to-end support for our joint clients’ Journey to Cloud, from strategy, transformation, and migration, to the on-going secure management and optimization.

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Lieuwe Jan Koning - On2IT: Founding Partner, Chief Technical Officer


Lieuwe Jan Koning (40) is one of the founders and CTO of the global SOC-as-a-Service provider ON2IT, with offices in The Netherlands and the US. ON2IT is a pioneer in building a global managed security service offering that leverages Palo Alto Networks technology, including Next-Generation Firewalls, Prisma™ and Cortex XDR™. 


Lieuwe Jan is the architect of ON2IT's mSOC™ Security Automation and Orchestration Platform, providing customers and partners with efficient onboarding and easy consummation of advanced security operations services such as MDR, prevention and compliance in a cloud-delivered model.


In addition to his broad knowledge of IT, he in parallel developed a passion for cybersecurity. He was one of the first to introduce the Zero Trust strategy on the European market, and is widely considered to be one off the most experienced practitioners of the Zero Trust approach in complex corporate environments. Lieuwe Jan’s creativity, combined with his specialistic technical knowledge, makes him a unique sparring partner in solving in-depth security issues.