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We are excited to announce the The 2019 KPMG - (CS)²AI Survey Report (in .pdf form) is due to be released next month. We want to include you among the growing list of Strategic Alliance Partners (SAP's) that continue to help (CS)²AI grow, educate and connect thousands of people in the (CS)² industry - but time is running out!

Ongoing Visibility

Year after year people will be downloading this report. Don't lose out on being a part of history. Once your logo is embedded on our SAP page, it's there for good!

Marketing to 100,000+ people

We intend to get the word OUT!! Your contribution will us reach people throughout the cybersecurity industry via press releases, social media and private company databases.

(CS)²AI Benefits

Your SAP status will be marketed to our 17,000+ membership database via newsletters, a logo on our website, and a complimentary membership to our virtual meetup series. 

Access to exclusive report discussion

Have questions about the report. Survey Report SAPs will be offered the ability to privately ask questions about the report findings during an exclusive session designed for SAPs ONLY. 

We are excited to have you as a Survey Report Strategic Alliance Partner (SAP). In order to add you to the report prior to publication, we will need the following: 


How to participate:
  • Submit a high res .jpeg or .eps logo of your company prior to March 11
  • Submit a $2500 payment within an agreed upon time frame.
  • If you are not able to submit payment by March 11, contact us at
Upload Company Logo

Thanks for submitting!

(CS)2AI offers a multi tier level of partnerships. To learn more, please reach out with your interest level.  
Don't need to schedule a call? Interested in a higher level of partnership?
Check out our Plans and Pricing page. 
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