(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board

November 10, 2019

(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board

John Cusimano

Vice President Industrial Cybersecurity at aeSolutions


John Cusimano is an industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity and functional safety expert with more than thirty years of experience. He has performed countless ICS cybersecurity vulnerability and risk assessments in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Chemical, Water/Wastewater, Pharmaceutical and Power industries per NIST, ISA/IEC 62443 and NERC CIP standards. He has also overseen and participated in the security testing and certification of several leading control and safety system platforms per the ISASecure™ certification scheme which he helped develop.  A leader in the development of ICS cybersecurity standards and best practices, John is Chairman of the ISA 99 subcommittee that authored the recently approved ISA/IEC 62443-3-2 standard, "IACS Security Risk Assessment & Design".


Art Conklin

Director of the Center for Information Security Research and Education at The University of Houston


Art Conklin is the Program Coordinator for the Information Security Program in the College of Technology at the University of Houston. He is also the Director or the Center for Information Security Research and Education, where he has been for over thirteen years, a Digital Forensics Examiner with Applied Cognitive Solutions, a Fellow at ISSA, and author of multiple published books on cyber security.


Lior Frenkel

Co-Founder and CEO, Waterfall Security Solutions


With more than 20 years of hardware and software research and development experience, Mr. Frenkel leads Waterfall Security with extensive business and management expertise. He holds multiple patents and patent applications, primarily in the area of cyber security for OT and IT environments. His experience spans research, design and development of mission critical systems and national cyber security technologies and programs. Lior is a frequent contributor to regulatory steering committees and governmental forums, both public hearings and closed-door briefings.

Daryl Haegley

Director, Mission Assurance & Cyber Deterrence, US DoD OSD OPCA


A veteran of the Navy OPSEC OIC and with years of experience working with and around some of the largest distributed critical information and control systems in the world, Mr. Haegley brings a unique perspective to our Board.  The Office of the Principal Cyber Advisor (OPCA) regularly advises the US Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense on cyber related activities that support or enable DOD's missions in, through, and from cyberspace, in coordination with the Services, Agencies and USCYBERCOMMAND. In this role Daryl also oversees implementation of the DoD Cyber Strategy, assesses cyber programming and budgeting issues, makes recommendations through the Program Budget Review process; informs Department-level cyber-related budgeting and acquisition processes and forums; and initiates projects to strengthen DoD's approach to cyber activities and missions.

(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board
(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board
(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board
(CS)²AI Welcomes New Members to its Global Advisory Board