In Case You Missed It

"Defense Perspectives on Emerging Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure"

April 30, 10:00AM - 11:30PM

Panel: Daryl Haegley, Harry Wingo, Nina Kollars

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1. According to Nina Kollars, we have made assumptions about how we think about critical and defense infrastructure. As a result of COVID-19, what is the biggest one we have missed?
2. What is another term Daryl Haegley used to describe to the Dod Cyber Strategy Lines of Effort?
3. How long did it take for Daryl Haegley and his team to develop the Executive Order 13870? 
4. What metaphor did Harry Wingo use to describe the telecom system?
5. During Q&A, Nina referred to a story about a day all randomness disappeared. According to the story, what happened that day?