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The more companies that invest in the growth and development of (CS)²AI, the more benefits we can offer our members. As a 501(c)(6) we are reliant on sponsorship dollars to stay afloat. We offer a variety of packages to fit your appetite. Complete the form below to learn more about strategic partnerships.

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One of the most amazing benefits (CS)²AI has to offer is the ability to physically get together with other individuals in the industry. Join a local chapter and truly connect, network and learn from your neighbors. Share your local content on our website so we can learn from each other.

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Almost everything we accomplish at (CS)²AI is done thanks to the contributions of our SAP's. From our annual survey reports, to our newsletters, from many of our virtual meetup series guests to our ability to sustain our costs, we rely on our SAP's to sustain us. This year, please consider supporting us as we continue to deliver the highest quality content and benefits to all of our 17,000+ members. 
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Are you convinced (CS)²AI is an amazing vehicle not just for yourself and your company but for the global network of individuals and leaders in the (CS)² industry? Are you looking to get more involved? Well now you can choose the best way to give back. There are few opportunities to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to the industry. Getting involved in a leadership capacity with (CS)²AI is an excellent way to show what you can accomplish while also giving back in a real and meaningful way. Complete the form below if you're interested in a helping make (CS)²AI even better with your help!

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With over 100+ chapters worldwide, there are plenty of opportunities to meet with others in the industry in person. Click here to see what chapters currently exist. If you don't see a chapter near you, please reach out to to inquire about starting a new chapter. 

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