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At (CS)²AI, we aim to connect, educate and learn as much as possible about the (CS)² industry. Though we would not survive without our Strategic Alliance Partners, it is our members who step up, volunteer, and guide others in their quest to educate themselves about the industry. 
The 2020 (CS)²AI - KPMG Survey Report is just the beginning.
With the help of our:
  • Strategic Alliance Partners (SAP's),
  • ever growing paid and unpaid membership base,
  • top notch Global Advisory Board (GAB) and
  • local Chapter Meetups,
we are poised the offer an even more robust 2021 vision.
If you found the 2020 (CS)²AI - KPMG Survey Report helpful, please consider getting more involved  with (CS)²AI this year. Below are ways you can help us continue to expand our offerings.
The more we grow, the more you know!
Let us know how you want to get involved

Become a (CS)²AI Leader

Are you looking to boost your resume and be recognized for your contributions to the (CS)² industry?


There are several ways you can get involved in a leadership position with (CS)²AI.

You can:

  • serve on a local Chapter board

  • apply to serve on our Global Advisory Board

  • become a Fellow

  • serve on our 
    Global Executive Committee 

  • serve on our Editorial Board

Share Your Knowledge

Each one of you has something to offer your fellow industry mates.


Let us know below if you are interested in participating in any or all of the following ways to share you knowledge.

  • be a guest for our Virtual Meet-up Series

  • be on a panel for our Virtual Meet-up Series

  • create content for our virtual Cyber Solutions Conference

  • contribute news articles for out News You Can Use page

  • Submit conference links

Contribute to Our Research

(CS)²AI is committed to the advancement of the industry through data collection and research.

We are looking for people who embrace the collection of data and can assist with the following services:

  • help construct questions to ask for both the monthly Flash Polls and the Annual Report

  • contribute to the marketing effort aimed at acquiring survey respondents 

  • mastery in data analysis and statistics to help identify outcomes

Sell Your Product on (CS)²AI

(CS)²AI is an incredible platform to promote your business. We are an independent entity not affiliated with any one product.

We seek opportunities to help companies promote themselves while simultaneously offering our members additional benefits. 

  • Register your product with us and get a landing page on our website

  • Entice our members to try out your products.

  • Suggest alternative ways to share.

One Form * Many Options 

Get Involved Today!

(CS)²AI is one of the leading organizations around the world connecting real experts with others in the field to aid with the flow of knowledge and relationships.  

Mission Vision Pic.png
(CS)²AI Vision Mission Goals
Get Involved Today

With over 100 Chapters Worldwide and 18,000+ members, the ROI on a (CS)²AI more than pays for itself

CS2AI membership base.png
Membership Base

Join Us in Our Quest to Connect and Educate

We are a members helping members organization. This means we count on our volunteers to help with our variety of initiatives. 

Love to read and keep up with current events? Join our Editorial Board and submit articles and links that are useful to our community.


Great with analytics and statistics? Contribute to our monthly Flash Polls or our annual Survey Report.


On the ball with the latest conferences and events? Help us maintain our database of worldwide cyber related events.

CS2AI Chapter Presidents.png

Get involved with a local board or become a Chapter President.


Our Fellows are asked to amplify the mission and goals of CS2AI through education, social media and membership participation. 

cs2ai experts.png

Already an industry leader with clout and knowledge? Join our Global Advisory Board. 

Ask the experts.png

Have knowledge and expertise to share with others? Apply to present or be on a panel for one of our Virtual Meetup Series.

Ways to Contribute

(CS)²AI Web of Initiatives

CS2AI web of initiatives.png

(CS)²AI Strategic Alliance Partners

We rely on our SAP's to help us continue to grow, educate and continue to advance your knowledge. We offer a variety of SAP opportunities depending upon your appetite. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about the benefits of becoming an SAP. 
Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 4.03.06 PM.png

Complete the Form Below

 (CS)²AI is a members serving members organization. We rely on our members for a variety of services and roles. If we all contribute just a little bit to the organization, we can accomplish amazing feats! Complete the short survey below to let us know how you can contribute today! Don't see the survey pop-up below? Feel free to copy and paste this link to let us know how you would like to get involved.
Web Initiatives
Strategic Alliance Partners
Get Involved Survey
Become a Global Member
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Attend a (CS)²AI Virtual Meetup to earn continuing education & professional credits.
Missed one? Our Global Members will soon be able to watch past webinars for credit as well!
Continuting Ed Certs
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