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At (CS)²AI, we aim to connect, educate and learn as much as possible about the (CS)² industry. 
There are a variety of ways you can get involved with (CS)²AI.
You can:
  • take on a voluntary a leadership position,
  • share your knowledge and / or expertise through podcasts, virtual Meet-ups, or sit on a panel with other experts
  • moderate a group discussion or 
  • contribute to our annual research project
If you are ready to get involved, we are prepared to utilize what you have to offer. 

Become a Leader

Are you looking to boost your resume and be recognized for your contributions to the (CS)² industry?


There are several ways you can get involved in a leadership position with (CS)²AI.

You can:

  • serve on a local Chapter board,

  • apply to serve on our Global Advisory Board,

  • become a Fellow,

  • or serve on our Global Executive Committee.  

Share Your Knowledge

Each one of you has something to offer your fellow industry mates.


Please let us know below or on the next page if you are interested in participating in any or all of the following ways to share you knowledge.

  • be a Podcast guest

  • be a solo guest for our Virtual Meet-up Series

  • be on a panel for our Virtual Meet-up Series

  • create content for our virtual summit

Contribute to Our Research

Join a growing team of world renowned experts in the field. Our GAB members serve as the backbone of our Virtual Meetup Series, offering webinars, answers to your questions, and a "give back" mentality that defines our incredible peer to peer network.

Register your projects or services

One of the most amazing benefits (CS)²AI has to offer is the ability to physically get together with other individuals in the industry. Join a local chapter and truly connect, network and learn from your neighbors. Share your local content globally on our website so we can all learn from each other. 

Want to get involved in more than one way? Click here. 

(CS)²AI is one of the leading organizations around the world connecting real experts with others in the field to aid with the flow of knowledge and relationships.  

  • Local Networking

  • Global Alliances

  • Professional Development

  • HS & College Outreach

  • Leadership Opportunities

An international organization enabling local peer-to-peer organizations and supporting their grass roots efforts.
Strengthen global critical infrastructure by fostering local Control System Cyber Security peer-to-peer networking and development.

Become a Leader

There are few opportunities to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to the industry. Getting involved in a leadership capacity with (CS)²AI is an excellent way to show what you can accomplish while also giving back in a real and meaningful way. Complete the form below if you're interested in a helping make (CS)²AI even better with your help!

Did you know that attending a (CS)²AI Virtual Meetup Webinar qualifies you for continuing education credits? 

Have you attended one in the past and would like a seal of completion? We can email one to you! 


Share your knowledge

Do you have expertise in a certain area? Do you specialize in a specific category related to the (CS)² industry? Are you a super reader who has absorbed information that could benefit others?
Let us know you're ready to share what you've learned. 
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Facilitate a Group Discussion

Are you convinced CS2AI is an amazing vehicle not just for yourself and your company but for the global network of individuals and leaders in the CS2 industry? Looking to get more involved? Well now you can choose the best way to give back. 
Apply to join our Global Advisory Board (GAB)
Apply to present your topic during one of our Virtual Meetup Series
Apply to be a fellow
Apply to become a CS2AI researcher

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