Notes from our Founder

Derek Harp

August, 2020

(CS)²AI Founder Derek Harp invites you to get involved with our members helping members organization.

Dear Industry Colleagues,

As a global pandemic continues to evolve around the world, we all know we are in the middle of an unprecedented set of circumstances in modern times. While many of us are necessarily prioritizing taking care of our families, employees and communities, it is precisely these sort of very significant world events that create opportunity for those bent on doing harm to the highly integrated systems that run our modern society.  We have seen confirmations of this in our own research as well as that of countless security companies and professional intelligence agencies.  We must stay vigilant.

Perhaps in part due to the current environment and the fact that many of us have at least some newly freed up time, (CS)²AI is working more than ever to support the global cyber security workforce.  I urge you join our members helping members efforts by joining the (CS)²AI community as a global member, partner, contributor, committee member, (CS)²AI Fellow or research participant.  Right now we have room on a few new global level committees; contact us to learn more about how you can contribute to our mission.

You can review multiple ways to GET INVOLVED on our global website and I look forward to your ideas and community engagement that will bolster our society-critical cause.


Derek Harp